The crew

An easy going laid back fellow (to laid back for my own good really!) who enjoys the simple pleasures in life. A good red wine, good craic from friends and neighbours. Hate’s town life with all the usual crime and crap that goes with it, alright to visit for a day is my mantra…
Loves motorcycles but loves my better half more.. Has a passion for landrovers but finds them always frustratingly to expensive.


Hate’s the fact that good things only happen once but bad things always happen in three’s. The optomist in me always looks for the one good thing and dismisses the three bad things..
Politicians are liars and council tax is ill concieved.

Paige.. sadly gone but never forgotten 
Golden retriever bitch with the softest of nature’s you could ever find in mans best friend. Likes to be cuddled in with you on the sofa or pinning you down on the duvet. Makes the biggest fuss over any visitor by presenting a cuddley toy and woo woo’ing you… But hate’s loud noises ie guns. Even a sparky log on the fire and she runs a mile!!!

IMG_1137 (800x533)

The working collie dog, rescued from a farmer who was going to dispose of her for not making the grade!! She was free to a good home but such a timid thing. She was actually afraid of sheep!! White sheep that is, so as we keep rare breed soay sheep that look more like minature deer, she actully came out of her shell and is an asset to the republic. She’s also a clown…

IMG_5721 (427x640)

and despite never being house trained, spends many a quality hour with us all in the hq. But, bang on ten oclock, she wants out to go to her own outside bed…



speak now or for ever had ya tongue...

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