The peoples republic of norhumbria came about after being at T in the park and waving the northumbrian flag. This went on for a couple of years with a lot of folk asking “what flag is that”.
Then it struck me, we in northumberland still have our own identity and it is something to be proud of…
tourist information centres already hand out the republics flag in the form of car stickers. So when you are out and about, look out for a fellow northumbrian’s in their car and have a wry smile at the fact, they may or may not be a follower…..

If you love your county then join in. If you are not from this county, then why not start up your own “republic of” and see what happens. BUT REMEMBER THIS, THIS BLOG OR FB PAGE IS NOT INTENDED TO INSIGHT ANY PUBLIC DISORDER OR ANY OTHER POLITICAL SHITE. It is purely for fun.



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  1. Where can I get a car sticker from please? if I have any gorgeous pics can I send them to the website? I love seeing the posts on fb, it cheers up my day.

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    • Hey how’s you. …please feel free to send your pics to the Facebook page. You can get a sticker from me direct. . I charge for them but use the resources to help with red squirrel conservation. . So far I’ve managed to set up a trail camera and the next round of monitoring is due this spring. They cost Β£3.60 including postage and you need a PayPal account to purchase one😊


      • Hi,
        Just found your website and would like to buy a bumper sticker, could you please forward details of how to purchase


      • Ok…. they are internal window stickers… if you would like one … we can arrange a PayPal transaction for Β£3.60 this covers cost of postage as well the manufacture.
        I would need a postal address as well


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