Hello again… it’s been a while πŸ˜”

So….. as time has passed after the breakdown of my marriage with all the hurt and anguish that caused… i find myself in a position of contentment.

What was 4 years in no mans land … failing miserably at relationships because… “i wasn’t ready” or… “you still have feelings for her” …. and yes it’s true, 25 years married takes a long time to get over…😞

I had actually given up after being dumped but still trying to hold on .. it was then I decided to be on my own when something amazing happened.

I’d started to pop in to my old local after work at the cloud factory, just to be sociable and get something to eat instead of cooking for one. This was great, I’d get to reconnect with lots of my old acquaintances and find out what’s what with their lives… alongside the standard village gossip…. and good grub😁

One night i popped in and was chatting with my brother.. I’d noticed a young lady in the bar whom I’d not seen before, I asked Bro “who’s that” to which he said its Ria, Jill’s daughter.. you know… jill who lives next door to Anne! To which i said “ohh ok”

I thought nothing more of this untill a week later … Ria had started to work behind the bar, inevitably we got chatting.. she told me that she’d just moved up from Oxford and was living with her mam… she’d got a job in a shop in hexham and was moving in to a house across the road… all general niceness as we exchanged conversation.

Roll on a couple of weeks and we’d become farceBook friends. This in itself was nothing new… as i have many FB friends.. however πŸ€” after one evening of chatting over the bar.. i recieved a message… and to my amazement.. it was a “will you go out with me message”

This knocked me for six…. i mean… I’m a bloke of a certain age and she’s a lot younger… i really didn’t know how to react and after a nice couple of conversations over a drink plus an invite to a friends barbecue i declined and knocked her back.

You can imagine, the conversation in the pub was a little awkward for a week…. I’d hurt her feelings, that made me feel rottenπŸ˜”

At the same time as all this was happening…. my cousin was over from OZ for 3 months… we had all been chatting and been in each others company … so i said to him about being “asked out” to which he said….. “your mad! how often do men get asked out… just go with the flow and see what happens” …. so….. here i am…. in a contented place with a lovely.. sexy…. funny… forthright… beautiful lady who wants to be with me for who i am…

Good things come to those who wait…. as they say.

I know.. I know…. I’ve been very remiss and not posted a thing for such a long time. My reasoning is this… I needed to be sure and settled in my new life before starting to post stuff again…

So here’s to you Ria😚 … thankyou for having the balls to ask a man out… thankyou for understanding me… thankyou for drinking real ale and wanting to ride a motobike… thankyou for not being precious about wild camping or sleeping in the back of the landrover…. thankyou for so many things that we both like to do together 😁

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