Things are slack here in the Republic πŸ˜£πŸ˜£

Not a lot to report on the home front… it seems the weather is always decent when im at work… then it pisses down when i need to get on outside 😣

A case in point  was just the other weekend… great for ducks but not for clay pigeon shooting…. what a cold miserable afternoon… but it turned out nice on more than one front. The evening was a warm and friendly night with three log burners going And red wine a plenty. It also helped that i had guests for the night… the house was full and the craic was brilliant.. #note to self…. must do this more often..#

Anyhoo, i digress…. lets have another catch up 

On we go into November and December…. this will bring me back to my first effort this year..

At the start of November 5 friends took a trip to rome, the weather was pleasant and the company was perfect…. I’ve not been to Rome, i must say….. i want to go back..

Our hotel was 250 meters from the coliseum and our host Roberto was an absolute gent… he pointed us in the right direction as to avoid the queues to  get in to places… told us of the best local food and drink and where to dine… even helped me with booking for the Vatican museum….. star man…

Of course you cant go to rome and not sit in a coffee house with the local paper πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

I was impressed with the pantheon… emperor hadrian had his hand in building the house of the God’s 

Then of course… we had to thow a coin into the trevi fountain πŸ˜†

Of course it all went pear shaped on our return…. the snow landed on the hill .. mind you  it didn’t last long 

On came the festive season…. and i didn’t fancy a tree in the house  this year…. so instead I installed my beloved 996 along with the lovely old Norton… these gained a bit of tinsel and some Christmas cards 

I also kept some nice branches that I’d been pruning from the rowen tree… these are covered by lichen and made a lovely decorative display… instead of the green thing that drops needles everywhere πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜€

These last three where taken one morning… just as i came in from nightshift……. i love this place