Another catch up πŸ€”

I’ll just go through my photos and pick some decent ones that represent what was a great summer..

Lets start with a night out and a great catch up with some mates

Spooky industrial night photo from the cloud factory 

Battlesteads beer festival 

Out on the Ducati 


Sparkling up a gud un…. the contractor’s at the cloud factory 

Oops….. the annual grass cut….. silliness on my behalf 


Day out at low Newton … nan loved the rock pools 

Ahhhhh a fantastic road trip to the west coast….wild camping with some lovely company 

Followed by a trip to the Isle of man with some mates and my dad’s old Norton. 

I loved the old bike on the island..

So….. thats July and August covered…. stay tuned for September October πŸ˜…πŸ˜…