Slowly slowly catchy monkey πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

Another day of tinkering, just because my plan to get the landrover looked at has gone westπŸ€”

It was supposed to go in and get the track rod ends done however; willie my local mechanical wizard has pulled his shoulder so can’t do much until it heals .

So today was all about finishing the diesel pipe 

Firstly fit a gland to the outside skin of the diesel tank

This made a watertight seal for the leak of pipe.. i then drilled an undersize hole of 16mm so as to put the 18mm outside diameter pipe into the tank. That gives it a good seal. 

Once this was done, i charged the system and set it running… the flow and return are working nicely. (Except for a minor leak)

Next task, i have a damaged PV panel lying around after it was damaged and replaced year’s ago, its my intention to utilise it in the sense of keeping the generator starting battery topped up and ready to go. In fact it has enough power even in its damaged state to keep 3 batteries in good condition. 

I’ve recently purchased of eBay, a 12v charge controller so that the solar panel can be resurrected. 

In the meantime I’ve mounted the panel directly onto the top of the generator….. it’s temporary, because I’ve yet to enclose and roof the area….. once that’s done then it’ll go on the roof.

In the interim this is just a test phase 

Next task, once the old lister is pulled out of the shed and refurbished…. ill make a new control panel.  This box will do nicely…😁

I have new meters and a manual start that need fitting and wiring up. The old 24v trace inverter will be cannibalised to possibly get my 48v one running again… then I’ll marry the two up to make a standalone backup 

All in all… things are progressing….slowly πŸ€”

That’s it for now, the cloud factory requests my attention this weekend and my next days off are booked solid with other stuff to do….. (track rod ends for one)


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