Hard plumbing πŸ€”

Two nights at the cloud factory….and for the first time in ages i decided to have a little snooze when I got back to the republic HQ. 

Big mistake!! I really wanted, no need  to hard plumb the diesel to the genny, it may have been finished if it wasn’t for not stirring until 14.30. Never mind, i must have needed it….. only trouble with this is now my body is back in night shift mode and i haven’t got all the bits needed for the task. I would have just stopped up beyond midnight to get myself back into “normal” mode and complete the job….

So….as of 5pm.. I’ve only managed to get the supply to outside … as my supply of pipe fittings is somewhat depleted and its to late to get some more. 

From the original tap, around the shed and outside… next step is reduce the size from 15mm to 10mm to accommodate the rubber fuel hose that will link to the tails on the generator. 

This is where I’m lacking in fittings… so its now a case of scratch my head and rethinking the original idea…. if i can’t find stuff here then its on hold until Thursday. It’s not a big issue as the generator has an internal tank as a backup….. those two tails you see in the base are one side of 3 way valves. 
My rethinking seems to be going fine… ive found some 10mm copper tube… thats the leak of pipe sorted…. also found a brand new water trap with cut off tap that needed a small modification to fit it to 15mm copper and a 10mm tail for the rubber fuel hose. 

So…. all in all its virtually sorted…just checked for leaking joints…. all ok there . the leak of pipe just needs plumbing to the main tank…… I’ll do that tomorrow 

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