The gennyπŸ€”πŸ€”

A cold and somewhat misty morning with black ice on the road…. horrible day to be setting of to York. 

The hire generator was to be transhipped from Mike’s trailer

 onto  one I’d borrowed from my good friends at JS hubbucks Ltd. They are suppliers of nugent trailers, a company from Northern Ireland. These trailers are really well built and are knocking ifor williams into a cocked hat in my view..

Steve from hubbucks skillfully weedled out the hire set from Mike’s box trailer and placed it onto a ten foot double axle tipping trailer, mike and i where just there to guide him into the right place.

Once it was loaded and strapped down it was time to hit the road.. the A1 was surprisingly quite, so good progress was made, even through the road widening project at Leeming.  The only problem was the fog, hate driving in it through the daytime.  The eyestrain is awful… i usually put sunglasses on to stop the glare. I arrived at Pocklington at around midday….. so duly applied myself to the gainful pastime of “snackvan” where upon i met a local farmer who hadn’t seen  nugent trailers before… he was so impressed with it that he was going home to look them up and purchase one… (i should have been on commision) 😁

By the time the hire set was unloaded..cables swapped, new one unwrapped cable installed and engine etc tested, it was getting on. The  genny was loaded strapped and started the homeward journey at around 2pm.. needless to say, it was kinda getting dark once home.

I’d planned to use Davy to lift off the  generator and place it  ready to be moved into its final resting place during the weekend however; the extreme cold had done for the hydraulics….. being’s that the system cant help but aquire water through the gaiters on the gear levers…..😣😣…. that meant getting a blow torch and trying to melt the water that was blocking the pick up for the pump 😣😣😣😣

Eventually it defrosted and the move began … i placed it onto some rollers made out of lengths of scaffold pole…. the idea was to roll it behind the shed where it will be bolted down. 


  • What an utterly miserable day…. didn’t bother with such things as generators and batteries.

Instead my friends and i had a clay pigeon shoot an enjoyable day spent with friends and neighbours… much merriment and quaffing of ales and fine wines to follow 😁😁😁
😎Sunday 😎. 

Slightly hung over….but the day was a fair and bright day…. just what was needed for the task of moving things to finalise the installation.

The generator was moved and set down on the new concreted hard stand and the aquion battery was moved and the small job of linking out the solenoid was tackled..

This safety feature needs a 24v supply fed from a 230v transformer πŸ€”πŸ€” trouble is, when your off the grid you need to supply the inverter with battery voltage to get the 230v mains power that supplies the transformer…… so if the solenoid won’t close…there’s no way ti supply the inverter….. viscous circle πŸ˜†

The electronics within the aquion battery needed to be exposed while I tackled the swapping of terminals and leads…. so best done on a good day 

Once it was all done, the temporary shelter was reinstalled until such time that the cover can be made more permanent .

Finally the generator was connected and checked …. it all seems fine apart from the frequency is a little higher than it should be …. i suspect that is because the revs are higher as well. 

the folks at enrogen will sort it out …
now onto the final stage….. once all the wiring has been finished and tidied  … then up goes an enclosure … I’ll be working on the plans for that asap,  so…. TTFN 


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