It’s all kicking off πŸ˜ƒ

Today’s the day… the lads arrived from pure energy to install the inverter and associated gubbins. most of the hardware was in position by 10am with just cabling to complete 

Come around 2pm we started to set up and transfer the feed the the new distribution board…  then came the big switch over 

It looks a bit untidy at the moment…. thats because we ran into a little problem…. the new battery monitoring system needed a 24v dc supply… the kit came with a transformer so that it could be powered up….. (thats the yellow cable with the power to a “T” piece) the problem was ..for the sma to recognise the battery and monitoring system.. they had to have a 230 supply…. but….we could only supply this in generator only mode and as soon as we tried to switch over from generator  to inverter..  the supply was dropped out… this switched off the monitor and opened the supply contact to the inverter , leaving it in error mode. 

Luckily i had a UPS that just needed a bit of charge to keep the monitor going… this took an hour or more to gain enough oomph so that it was able to perform the duties…

Once the monitoring system was able to be powered for the 5 minutes during the inverter set up , then all was fine however; the time had slipped away and the lads from pure energy systems needed to go for their supper.

So… there’s more to do…. the cables need clipping to the board, maybe repositioning of the socket for the WiFi extender.. and next week the installation of the back up generator starts… thats if the concrete plinth has been finished..after that, the battery needs moving to its final position and also the generator.  ……. then…… the whole area will be covered over so that the elements are kept at bay… so still loads to do πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.. this is going to keep me busy for months..