the plan is what!!!πŸ€”

I’ve been tinkering with the plan ….. what plan you ask! …. the plan in my head….. that’ll be the one for the positions of the new equipment 😁😁 the one that no one has seen as yet..(as its in my head) … well its now scribbled down for a rough guide to installation 

At least thats what I envisage…. whether it ends up with a vague resemblance to this scribble is yet to be seen πŸ˜€

It all hinges on a cable length… this new battery needs a 24v dc supply so that the brains can make a contactor close and supply the inverter with DC voltage.. the cables I’d ordered from Mouser electronics said that it was 3m.. 3 meter length.. when it came via courier the other day the immediate deduction was that it was only 1meter long… not even enough to go through the wall of the shed…😣 well after contacting Mouser they told me that the online description was wrong and that it could take up to 6 weeks for a delivery from the states… they also said they would refund the  cost of the cables but said to just keep them… great, apart from the need for a 6 meter length of power cord with Amphenol connectors 😣😣grrrr.

Never been beaten by a beaches Brooke type hurdle yet….. there’s always a solution…and this time it belongs to the good, dare I say it young electrical department at work…. the lad’s sorted out my problem by splicing in a 4 meter length of cable..complete with heat shrink insulation . using the original plug ends .. it doesn’t look pretty but at least it works πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

This means that the job is still on track … Mike and willie  from pure energy systems are coming to start the installation om the 18th and i should have the new generator around the same day… ive got to go to York to collect it ex works …so that’ll be a good trip out with a trailer 😏…. ahhhhhhh scrub that…. just phoned for an update on the generator….. looks like its going to be another 2 weeks ffs..

My life is just one long hold up… can’t even get the concrete down…. an inch of snow is holding that little job up


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  1. The plan is starting, that’s what πŸ™‚

    I remember using concrete made with hot water so it cured quicker in the chill weather. It was nice standing in it in your wellies πŸ™‚