I’ve got catkins πŸ€”

January the 9th and there’s catkins on the tree…… !!!

Don’t ever recall having catkins this early in the year and at nearly 1000 feet above sea level. According to the scare mongers we’re in for a really bad cold spell….. that’s gonna nip the buds 😣
Anyway,im sitting drinking a cup of coffee,twiddling my thumbs and killing time so that the cloud factory can make use of my particular set of skills tonight,when it dawned on me!

I should be using this downtime to inform you of significant goings-on during the summer of 2016.  ….. so without further a’doo here’s the start of a catch up aided by one or two saved images 😁

At some point during the end of April I’d been on an archaeological survey north of the roman wall, a few volunteers set about to identify pre roman history… it was interesting to look closely at the terrain and have features jump out at you.. i personally identified a possible  bronze age settlement that is going to be investigated further 😁 #very proud of myself 😁

The landscape between the wall and the edge of the warks forest has been undisturbed and little surveyed as its quite a wild area.

The rest of April seemed to be a pretty bland affair…. so I’ll skip to may…. 
May was dominated by a few motorcycles and motoring events…not to mention the heavy showers and rainbows 

The first big outing was to stretch the legs of the project bike … the zx7/9r and take it to Ireland.   A group of friends got together and went to the north west 200 road races… it was red hot and we all ended up rather red after watching the events of the week… the bike performed ok…but…. i think she needs a tweak….

Here’s a little bit of slow motion camera trickery https://youtu.be/UkrPPvGxa4Q

 and this https://youtu.be/DgEeK6MIyXc

Also found a pub that was still lit by gas lamps at Bushmills.. how very quaint 😊

The rest of May panned out like this… i started the path of advanced motorcycling… by the very use of a motorcycle and the stringent test they take, by definition make motorcyclists (not all mind you) already an advanced car driver. And that is fact😊 

There was also a local  car show with lots of exotic motors…. plus lots more to see and do….  i decided to go along on the old Norton as it was such a lovely day..

thats kinda May in a nutshell…  so after my nocturnal adventure to the cloud factory…i think the start of the installation of a concrete pad is on the cards……… and I’ll be back with tales of the Scottish Highlands and road trips … i was about to say ttfn but… would you believe…. its just started to snow 

Bye bye catkins