Up’s and down’sΒ 

Just checking in with life at the end of the road and having a good old read…. (“hi Paul, how you keeping my old mucker”) ..seems I’ve been way to  lax on the blog front…. i mean..the last time i scribbled anything down was back in the spring of 2016 ffs

Mind you I can’t promise to keep it going this year… it seems that I start with great intention but life just gets in the way… I’m so rusty as well, can’t even remember where the spell check is, so if this doesn’t read right… then i promise to improve 😁

So…… where to start… well…. let me put you all in the picture as to why the  blog has been somewhat hitty missy..

Three years ago my attention was diverted to trying to save my 23 year marriage  sadly, time and an obnoxious individual put pay to that… its been an emotional roller coaster of a journey… I’d like to say that I’m over the worst of it but it’s taken a hell of a long time to clear my head… to those who know me I’ll say.  . You will still probably find me in a melancholy mood now and again. … but that’s because sometimes a little bit of me wants to turn the clock back to the good times..

In all honesty, I truly believed that we where rock solid and when it all started to unravel because of outside influence i had no means of comeback.. 

Anyways…. since the  lambing of last year  I’ve managed to progress with a bit more positive outlook… laid plans down and nearly found love…. sadly… the love part was clouded by my melancholy moods..ahhhh well 😊 maybe I  need this time on my own to kick those .
So…. this is where I’m at..

2017 sees me with the  Republic HQ remortgaged and i now own the place..admittedly the bank owns it as well… the hens are still alive… the soay sheep are still munching the grass  and NAN is now more of a house dog than a working collie 😁 and by god she’s loving her new status.

I have several projects for this year.. some mechanical… some building  and some decorating… but the main one is to repair the electric system.  

Back in July i was woken by a loud bang.. having been on night’s..it was a case of roll over and try to get some sleep 😣 well…. the loud bang turned out to have been a lightning strike that struck close by or even the generator shed… the result wasn’t obvious until a day or so later… my trace inverter refused to start the generator  so…. after manual start up of my lister st2 i found that the generator was producing a wild figure of 180v and running at a stupidly high frequency.  When i got chance to look at the inverter.. there was scorching in the connector block area… well after sorting out my small petrol engined 3.2kw back up generator and reduced the charge current so that the inverter wasn’t as demanding….then tried to set a bit charge into the batteries …ahhhh but now the battery bank had  stopped holding its charge and the power would just go off. On investigation, half of my 12  batteries had died, each one having a dead cell in all of them and every one of the 12 showing warped plates .

This was the jolt that I personally needed to get myself back into the swing of things…. no more sulking around in my personal life  and a major problem to be sorted. 

Luckily the house insurance has come up trumps..although it has been a bit of a marathon in that, for the most part ive had to guide the loss adjuster in the right direction as they’ve not had a claim like this before… i had to get an engineer to assess the damage and report to them what the cost of replacing the component parts would be. It’s then been agreed in stages and along with a  decent hire generator from the start of November there’s been electric at the HQ.

2017 will see a new generator from a company in York this is a super silent 15kva model that will be mounted and bolted down to a new concreted hard stand… you may say “15kva! Thats a bit big ” well, as its a new one and I’m not intending to replace it for a long time..then it had better be up to the job and be somewhat future proof….. this will be coupled with an SMA 6kw inverter to replace the trace unit. I’ve had to go with the SMA  because the TRACE is no longer in production and there’s no spares to repair mine…. now  here’s the interesting bit…. the replacement for the 48v battery bank is a bit special… i was going to replace them with rolls batteries… but for a similar cost ive actually plumbed for a NASA developed battery that is used on deep space probes… obviously not as big as the one i got…. This thing can be fully discharged with no ill effects and unlike lead acid batteries that can only cycle down to say 80% state of charge… this can be used effectively down to whatever you want. It has no memory effect or any of the dangers of lithium ion…. its also the most cleanest greenest battery ever and is maintenance free and 100 percent recyclable 

I’m also proud to say that I’m the first in England to trial this at a residential user.  The battery is here  and the installation will start in the next few days..

.. lets hope this is my kick-start as well. 
So what I’ll do is document the installations  and  once that’s done then I’ll recap on the previous year after lambing; hopefully with the aid of some photos… in the meantime here’s just a snippet of stuff to come😊😊😊😊


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  1. lovely to see you back, sorry to hear of your woes. Really looking forward to hearing more of your batteries.


  2. Who so beset him round
    With dismal stories
    Do but themselves confound
    His strength the more is

    Best wishes for a happier and succesful New Year.

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