Going greener 😊

So, the start of the new year… a new me and a refurbished electric supply is coming to the republic HQ. As i said in my last post, the electric system was destroyed by a lightning strike back in July of 2016. So after much research and help from my insurance company I’ve finally got to a point where the  installation can begin. It all starts with a concrete pad….. this will be home for the new generator and this very special NASA developed battery technology that has become commercially viable due to an American company called Aquion energy.

There is a couple of installations in the UK.. one of which is the signage at the channel tunnel according to the UK based importer down in Winchester …ooohh American base name for the importer….. anyhoo.. i digress…

Ok, so let me tell you more about this product this is a salt water battery from http://aquionenergy.com/ the technology tickled my curiosity and after researching and reading a few blogs on battery testing it comes out when tested against other batteries to be 2nd in the power steaks…just behind the lithium ion battery… they tested it against the tesla power wall system and also some specialist lead acid units from different manufacturers. It also went up against the batteries that are installed in the good ship MV Hallaig that Paul looks after that’s the LifePO4 units.

You can find lots more information  here


This is what’s sitting under wraps and actually is now covered from the elements at the back of my old generator shed.

The pad will be extended to the west along the length of the shed and south as far as the garden retaining wall… the whole area will then be covered over so the elements are kept at bay.  The old generator is being removed from the shed and so the exhaust will no longer be in situ. Once the system is up and running I’ll be able to strip down the old st2 lister and have the alternator looked at or replaced… and the engine refurbished with new gaskets.

the lister has done very little in terms of hours running time however; due to its age and having been pressed into proper service instead of its former life as a hospital back up generator, the gaskets have deteriorated to the point where more oil comes out than stays in…. luckily i have a full kit just ready and waiting for the job..
More parts arrived from the states the other day… along with extra cables from a uk distributor… it’s been a bit of a scratcher at where to source these specific connectors and cables, bearing in mind that it needs a 3 metres  plus length and all that anyone seems to stock is a 1 metre item. 

what we have here is the battery monitor,  SMA interface cable and the standard comms cable… however; this needs a 24volt dc supply to both the battery and monitor,  its all to do with safety ithink. !!!

inside the battery is a motherboard which needs powered up so that it communicates  with the monitor… this in turn opens a safety solenoid to let power flow in and out… it all seems a bit OTT… the monitor is then patched in to the sma inverter and gives the inverter all it needs to know about SOC, voltage level,  and numerous other blah blah blah’s…. the other cool bit is, it can connect to WiFi and along with an app on my phone tells me about any possible faults, current status, break down, and… a remote control. so potentially, if I’m visiting my cousins in OZ and someone’s looking after the ponderosa…a fault can be diagnosed and corrected from the other side of the world….though when that happens, I don’t know!  

that’ll do for this installment, the cloud factory requires my knowledge and particular set of skills tomorrow. 


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