spring is in the air (or lambing time if your a farmer)

April is a late start for lambs up here in the Republic,  however if you think about it. ..spring is always a bit later in the hills.

i was informed that we had signs of an otter on the burn, this isn’t the first time, as ive seen the spraints with my own eyes. The strong evidence in past times has led me to install an otter holt on the land near the burn. sadly its never been used, this time though, with the aid of a wildlife camera. ..the proof is beyond doubt.

i was invited out for lunch to the snowy owl pub near Cramlington, well i couldn’t go there and not visit the lady. … Northumberlandia that is.

its the first time ive been to both the pub and the art installation, i was truly impressed with both venues. ….. apart from breaking a tooth on some pork scratchings !!!


next day saw me heading to the most beautiful beach in the whole country, this place is fantastic and well worth the mile or more walk to get to it. I’m loathed to say where it is because I truly want to keep it for the select few…. mind you, the
views could be more than an eye full, it’s a naturist beach apparently. … not that I’ve clapped eyes on any jiggly bits😆😆😆

http://www.northumberland-beaches.co.uk/ross-sands.htm check out the photos on this page.. there’s truly no one for miles. :):):):):):):):):):)


spent a couple of days on the project bike, this thing is a 2002 kawasaki zx7r, it started life as a 750cc
its had a 900cc motor grafted into the frame and sports a private plate, the day came when it was finished so i took her for the MOT … she passed with flying colours. that’ll be my mechanical skills to thank for that, …. it was then tested for reliability by taking a run up the A696 and back over towards Bellingham. it’s an absolute animal 😈😈😈
the dragon has roused from her slumber
she spits fire!!!

its not the only project to nearing completion, check this beauty out,



She’s a 1960 Norton model 50. Not many of them survive in the 350 cc guise. .. the bikes where bought and the engines scrapped in favour of bigger lumps. The reason was that the legendary featherbed frame was much prized above the engine. Anyway. . She’s a runner and is going to be paraded at the Manx grand prix in September.

of course. ..it wouldn’t be spring without a lamb or two, so here is number 2 this year, a real “black sheep ”

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