Urgh….!!!!!! wet December

what can be said about the truly horrible weather and month, lets start with my usual happening, impassable fords. I’ve been both stuck at HQ or been unable to get back and had to stop over somewhere



IMG_0841 IMG_0840 IMG_0838 IMG_0837 IMG_0836 IMG_0835 IMG_0832

however, I’m used to this kind of event, and this water up in the hills has to go somewhere. Down in Hexham, Corbridge and beyond they had a rather large quantity of parny to deal with. the day I couldn’t get home and had to stop out was the night the cloud factory was hit as the Tyne burst it’s banks. now many people say that its the highest the tyne has been, but let me tell you now, I’ve seen the north tyne higher by about a foot. my dad actually marked the height of a flood in 1976/7 that beat this one. the waters of both he north and the south tyne converged to create the amassed floods downstream. my dad watched all this unfold from his window at hexham general hospital where he was receiving treatment for an infection, he missed the cr4p weather.

Sadly, dad came out of hospital all mended but we lost him to a heart attack not long before Christmas. he went the way he wanted to go, at home peacefully in bed. Love you dad RIP