Rugby and ramparts

all of a sudden it’s October…. and with that came the rugby world cup. Now you can take your football with it’s highly paid pansies who cry at the slightest brush or the threat of a bit of contact and stick it where the sun don’t shine…… well that’s not strictly true, I have been known to attend the odd match with my good friend and neighbour Phil, but you cant beat a bit of gentlemanly warfare where the referee has the utmost respect from these man mountains…. they must call the ref “sir” at all times

let the battle commence… https://youtu.behMtX7eZphyE/

………. how civil.

Anyway I digress, My sister in law is from New Zealand, as the All blacks where battling Tonga at St James park in Newcastle she managed to get 4 tickets.

all I can say is, the place was packed and the game was truly brilliant. the atmosphere was intense and well worth the money…… oooooh! just remembered, don’t think I payed for the ticket…. best sort that out.

on the way to the game  I snapped this we fella in my brothers garden, looked like it was rooting for worms to eat. luckily Fionna had some cat food so we put a little bit out for him/her. I’ve heard that hedgehogs are in decline so any little help they can get is good with me,


it was also strange to see the butterflies still out in October, I snapped this red admiral on my wayward box hedge plant. it flowers late with a sickly sweet smell, butterflies love it.


the time to set up and check speedy’s lights for the coming winter months was upon me. i’d decided to swap the standard halogen ones for some proper HID xenon units, would you believe it swapping light units is not a straight forward operation. they need activating!!!! yes that’s right they have to be programmed in to work correctly. ill tell you more about that when I get to this year and febuarys post.


anyway, I digress… again……. October saw me and Laura head of to Edinburgh. would you believe that its only 90 mile from HQ but a place I’ve never actually been to,

we spent a full day at the castle and didn.t see or absorb it all, it was a little damp for the morning but got out fine in the afternoon, a typical October day




you can just imagine some poor guy on a bleak winters day on sentry duty scratching the wall of the lookout post.













This guy was a hoot, he was demonstrating the use of a PIKE in battle, he engaged the gathered crowd and made half of them participate in his enactment. I remember taking a video however, it’s vanished from the record off my phone… mind you I did update the truly wonderful Samsung galaxy s4 to an s6 a couple of days after the visit to the castle. the new phone boasts an 18mp camera …almost as good as my dslr..


so after the day mooching around the castle we where dam well starving, our only sustenance being a coffee and a cheese scone all day.

we hit upon this nice pizzeria where I asked permission to take a couple of photos of the guys preparing food. they must have thought that we where real journo’s as the couldn’t be more attentive. the pizzas where fantastic and you could see the waiters and manager buzzing around in the back ground muttering and pointing towards us with that look of curiosity. I found it quite amusing..






anyway, I’ve kept you to long, I’m sure you’ve something to do. so ill let you go and get on with whatever it is you where up to, TTFN