Mists and Cobwebs,(and a new design blog post)

HOPE YOU LIKE THE NEW THEME… thought i’d swap it around in line with the new settings to my life:)


ahh September, misty mornings and heavy dew… makes for a spectacular show out here in the republic. these busy little spiders have all the available space taken for there webs. don’t know what species they are but the abundance is truly mega.



IMG_0686IMG_0681IMG_0675 IMG_0679

had a trip over the border to the prince bishops territory, Laura invited me to visit Beamish museum, a place I ain’t been since my school trip days.

It’s changed so much since I was a lad, what a fantastic experience and I’ve fallen in love with the place.

the JCB cows by the sculptor Sally Mathews are on the old wagonway that leads to beamish and beyond, Four cows welded from scrap metal parts. Each rust-coloured animal stands alongside the pathway as though grazing on the grass.
The Beamish Shorthorns were modelled on local animals and constructed using Consett steel. An old train shed at Beamish Museum, with its accompanying views of a herd of rust-coloured shorthorns became the artist’s workshop in the initial stages of the sculptures’ construction. She later moved to a pipe factory at Hebburn to use their welding equipment. Matthews, who chose this part of the pathway in order that the adjacent bridges and trees would provide a ‘frame’ for her work, described the installation of the sculptures as ‘like putting the cows out to pasture after a long winter in the cattle shed.





here’s a selection of images from my day at beamish, I wish I could upload more but my limit is up for this month. you’ll just have to do with this lot for now…



so my day at Beamish ended with yet more vivid purple skies and a feeling of, I must go back to the museum for more great photos


right you lot, get back to work or whatever,…. TTFN


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  1. I don’t know where the upload limit for your photos comes from, but it looks from their URLs that they’re being hosted by WordPress. Could try uploading them to a photo-sharing service like Photobucket and linking to them. They should still appear in-line on the blog. New month now though, so I suppose the limit’s been reset.

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