month 8, coast and camping


back to the hazy days of last summer, lets start with a camping trip to Crasta, it was a pretty windy weekend as I recall but the harbour was calm with only one fishing boat at anchor.


looking over to Dunstanburgh castle was a different story though.


IMG_0650 IMG_0644

it had all calmed down by the evening, thus blessed by a lovely sunset, bet it was better at republic HQ though… mind you I’m not blessed with stunning coastal sunrises. hey ho cant have it all



although the blessing of good beer is county wide, non of this southern flat warm pish they call beer


Hmmm, I remember this episode on the Ducati, … heading out with a bunch of mates, I had a close encounter over the mmors with a suicidal partridge. the thing hit me and exploded all over me and the bike, what a mess. luckily we all stopped up in Alston where I managed to jet wash the carnage off me and the bike. strange feeling having a jetwash shower in full leathers…




sign of old age creeping in, my aches and pains needs some tlc, mind you the jetwash shower may not have helped, nor the camping trips. not going to let a little thing like that stop me though..



back to old school mechanics, my mate Chris and I have purchased two bikes to do up. both zx7r’s but one has been boosted by way of a heart transplant to a 900 motor. the thing was “a bit lumpy” so off came the carbs to strip and check needles jetting and slides, then back on and vacuum balanced


its running ok but cant wait to get it road legal and give it a good ragging


had another shot at light trail photography, it still wasn’t up to the standard I’d like so consequently I’ve not tried to layer the shots to make an interesting photo.




I also had a camping road trip away in speedy, ended up on Arran where the distillery  beckoned, good job I was camping after the taster session.

not a whiskey fan however, these different blends where rather nice and I was taught how not to spoil a dram as many people do by drowning it in water  or burning it with ice…. me I’ve always been a take it neat person, or if it’s to harsh then just a splash of water. seems I was doing it correctly all along.



Right you lot ,…. on you go.. get something constructive done, TTFN….. more from last year soon


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