ahhhh, my photography record dried up

isn’t well, here we are, july and very few photos for the record. nevermind ill just have to waffle on a bit….


I was out and about at my mates for a meal one evening, he has a falconry business near to me and looks after and flies many birds… these delectable creatures are three baby barn owls hatched and reared by them, sadly they are not to be released into the wild as they are captive bred for educational purposes. however, the area around HQ is teaming with owls of all breeds native to this area. the barn owl in particular seems to be back in numbers after the hard winter of 2013 and 2010. I also have tawny owl and possibly a little owl although my sighting was a brief glimpse.

isn’t she fantastic, meet grace, the great grey owl. and yes this is my photo and yes I was that close before you ask ..

now then, other things I’ve found are videos, so ive taken the option to link to my Youtube channel and post the first one


don’t know what I was doing up the ladder I can only guess that I was checking something… anyway on we go into the archives of July

seems I had a little walk down memory lane, took a wander down the Haughs with Nan. this is my childhood and my parents still live in the same house. the Haughs is an old English word for flat ground near a river and this area is beautiful

20150705_171836 20150705_171923

further down the river I found this carved into a tree, it’s not mine because I used to climb the trees and carve the top limbs, it was a boy thing we had, bit like tagging but you had to put real effort into it.


the cloud factory was an interesting month for me, I was involved in and starred in the branding movie…. hahaha, bit surreal to be one of the faces of egger but I agreed to do it.. here’s Jackie sporting a non company hi vis!!! and she’s the marketing manager, shame on her, but we did find it amusing that she couldn’t get a company hi vis


of course the clowning around  continued at break time


anyway here’s the finished film, it shows many aspects of the rater good family owned company that I’ve faithfully worked a now whopping 32 years for.


in other times, notably during a break on nightshift  I tried a camera trick that is new to me, this is a layered photo made up of about 8 photos. it was taken over a 20 minute period and depicts the loading of an articulated lorry. the light trails from the forklift are my fav thing. it’s not the best as I only had minutes to set it up and do it. I#m going to have another go at it but learn from this one.




seems that my cooking skills are improving, this roast pork joint was lovely and the crackling was moreish, (note to self, must do more)


Os course July brings the Battlesteads beer festival, this year there was a special brew for a young farmer who sadly lost his battle with a brain tumour, my friend and fantastic neighbour plus his son in law attended the festival. this years antics included a swear glass. we where forbidden to mention certain things and as a result the jar started to fill up, there was no purpose to it really. However, the glass took on a whole new meaning when we said it would go to the stay strong stu charity, people started putting there cash into it and the day raised 160 quid. so happy that a bit of daft turned out like that.


this next one was a very aptly named brew, it deceived you into thinking it wasn’t strong, ohhh how wrong, I’m sure it was stronger than 4.1.



of course the day doesn’t end without the obligatory bands and much merriment, and its a lads only day… these two are just learning …;-)










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  1. When I was little I went on a school trip to Switzerland and was ever so impressed with a postcard (never mind the mountains 🙂 ) of a time delay photo of cars going though one of the passes in the night – long streaks of red and white lights. Kept it for years after.

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