A hint of summer (past)

It’s actually quite good fun to look back at the photos of last. .. or should I say “lost year” the only trouble with this is the format  is CR2 and those who are photography literate  know that the CR2 format is I very large file , hence  the likes of farsecloth  anstagamble and wordpoppet  don’t accept such megger uploads .
On top of that, my cleverly devised Internet connection, although good and sometimes even better than all my neighbours satellite connections put together, I still have an upload limit (officially). unofficially I have none but I don’t want to push my luck..

This means that each photo  from this time span  needs to be converted before I upload them. It’s taking time to sift, sort,submit and see if it works.
I’ve no idea why the camera was on CR2 at the time  ,.,.,. But I see that the later photos have a smaller jpeg version so that’s going to make it easier to sort.


last year saw me have a milestone in life, I underwent NLR surgery. my eyes from birth where bad and a prescription of +8 was never correctable with laser surgery. Basically the NATURAL LENS REPLACEMENT surgery is like a cataract operation they replace the lens in your eye but correct the vision at the same time. although my eye looks very sore, it wasn’t


and now after a year of settling down ,… what a difference. having worn glasses and contact lenses all my life it was the little things that I noticed the most. things like waking up in the night and being able to see the clock without fumbling around feeling for my specs. going out and actually feeling the breeze on my eyes. but on the other side I notice how vulnerable my eyes are, in the past I’ve always worn a type of eye protection by wearing specs, I tend to wear wrap around sunglasses a lot now.

I could have had varifocul implants fitted but I reckoned that.. I’d spent 50+ years with specs, so having to wear reading glasses as I get older was no big deal.

the implants are fixed to distance sight and last(they say a thousand-year) aye right, however they’ll out last me.


I seem to have random pictures of cooking, that’s because I’m a good cook, these are a couple of cheese and onion flans that didn’t last the day if I remember. one was devoured for lunch and the other lasted until my nightshift at the cloud factory.

recently I made the most delicious broccoli and stilton soup


I also made the front page of the journal, that’s me on the mole hunt, using my special tunnel unearthing spade. this was to do with another photography exhibition that I featured in on three different levels. it was called 100 lives and the theme was people going about their business from back in the day to today. so I was featured as a boy alongside my mother at the ferry crossing on the north tyne, I also entered my own set of photos of folks doing their stuff and as you see, I was featured doing my stuff.


A nod to the reliant robin, after a conversation about the little three wheelers I happened to be parked next to one and took this photo. many folks have owned one of these little three wheel cars, I know one man who never passed the car test and still drives one of these on his bike licence, this could be his actually. my good friend Laura had one, she told me that they got stuck in the snow to easily, id never actually thought about that but its plain to see…. one wheel in the middle of the car tracking where no one else travels, that plus deep snow = no go.


the bus went in for a job at the stealers and they gave me a new discovery sport to try, it’s not a patch on the proper discovery, don’t get me wrong it was nice but hard suspension and automatic gearbox, not my cup of tea.


every june my friends and I do a midsummer run on the bikes, it usually consists of riding as far as possible stop over in a pub then ride back the next day. this year turned out to be eventful. firstly, not 50 mile into the trip, my mates bike, the black one in the photo decided to put the oil light on and he was forced to stop. With him riding shotgun it was a couple of mile before we stopped to see where he’d gone, so off I go back down the road to find him sitting all forlorn at the side of the road. after checking oil levels and that the oil was being pumped around the engine,.. it was ok to travel and must ne a faulty wire or sender unit.

after another hundred mile or so up to Spean Bridge, my bike started to make an odd sound from the front wheel, it sounded like I picked up a chipping and it squealed then stopped. I thought not much about it until I was lead bike and got stuck in slow traffic, it then started to do it more and I was forced to stop and check. this time  it was terminal as the front wheel bearing had almost collapsed.

so as we sat contemplating our belly button fluff  I called the AA out, who recovered the bike to a local garage and took me 5 mile back down the road to hire a car. well what a hoot we had, as you can see , I drove all the way to Ullapool like that in a little ford KA, the looks from the tourists was priceless



needless to say the rest of the lads started doing the stig thing, we did enjoy ourselves


on the way back I detoured via Inverness for some wheel bearings, then back to the garage where the bike was to fit them. this is where Duncan my other mate slipped off his bike on a downhill slope on gravel. he managed to rupture a seam in the petrol tank and had to ride home with petrol dripping over his left leg. but hey , all in all we had a blast an am looking forward to this years trip..


ok, next month is getting sorted, so watch out for some photos


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