This catch up is going to take time!

Right,  let’s start from the loss of  my darling little girl. . Paige x

It’s taken a long time to get over the death of Paige the golden retriever,  she was such a great friend and a breath of fresh air to enjoy her company.  I miss her dearly 😕

After she left  i  kind of retreated  from the wider world and in essence just lived in the  “me” world.
It seems strange to say that the  passing of man’s best friend can have such an effect on your outlook on life, but it’s true, it does… needless to say, Nan the working collie  has now become a member of the “inner circle” and has touched the hearts of many.  She now has a semi permanent position of house monitor “when the weather is driech”…. (that’s crappie in english;)) well, border land and Scottish English  language anyway 🙂


I think Nan is missing  her friend aswell

So…. what has been going on  up here in the Republic, well let’s start where I  kind of left off. (However, these photos are taking a bit of sorting out ) I left you all hanging in June last year with that sad news about paige, so it seems a good point to start .

Trouble is! I’ve changed my phone since then so my photos are scattered between camera laptop and phone so, this may take a good few posts to catch up. All the better for you my good friend’s

OK let’s start. .

the rest of April/May looked kinda like this…

there was a rally car test day  and I had the perfect access to see these motoring hero’s in action




there was also some early morning shots of the cloud factory


here’s one for you eddie stobbart twitchers


and finally for the month , there was a fantastic camping trip with my brother and my nephew to Rockcliffe

where ice-cream had to be eaten in the usual manner


I’ve loads more piccy’s but they are all in CR2 format and wordpress don’t accept them ….. so these are all converted to jpeg which takes time’

anyway that’ll do for this post and ill start a fresh one for next week, TTFN






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  1. Great to hear you are doing well. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of the finest place on earth. We miss Byrness village and those fantastic Northumbrian views. Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year and looking forward to more news and views from home. All the best xxx