New, New, New.

Well peeps its been a while again 😕 .
My last offering was back in March.. that’s really shocking but.. I’ve been trying really hard  to get my life back together regarding having an unwanted separation forced upon me. Needles to say it’s taking time to come to terms with the situation and I’m not at ease with my new status. After all said and done, i will  forever deeply and truly love my wife:? but will it ever be returned again :?:?:?:

In  other sad news… i lost  my mans best friend  last month,  paige my golden retriever passed away from a ruptured tuma on her spleen, she’d come home for s stay and decided that it was time to leave.  She’s buried next to her best friend “Chester”  along with her favourite toy’s  in the corner of  my garden. At 15yr old she’s had a great life…. i will forever miss her RIP my little girl  xx


It’s a sad state of affairs I know! However the purchase of my new Canon 70d has got me out and about  it’s taken my mind off things  and i think I may be turning the corner.
I’ve yet to get to grips with the whole thing  but I’m good enough to be featured on the front page of the journal 😆😆
I’ve been involved with a local photography group for a  while and of until of late, haven’t really exhibited my images. This changed at Christmas when I had some of the images that have  featured on here printed and displayed.
The theme was “what you can do with a smart phone ”  they seemed to have sparked the imagination of the group  and ive since been involved with a local heritage centre along with others in the group.  We’ve all put around 8 images into an exhibition called 100 lives.
These are a mix of old images  and new images of local folk going about their daily lives.
The strange thing is that, I feature in the old images as a boy, I’m also featured in the new images doing the mole catching and ive also submitted my own  photos.


Martin  using a ratchet strap to secure his load to the trailer bed..

This was taken at 3am under artificial led floodlights. .and my subject couldn’t stay still for a moment. … still the blurred aspects of the image just goes to show his fast pace of work.

The exhibition runs until the 24th of July at—monday-18th-may-to-friday-24th-july-18.php

So if you’re in the area, go look 😆😆
Other than that  ive captured some nice shots



And some comical one’s


Well, that’ll do for the moment. .. let’s hope i get back into writing my blog soon… but in the mean time, check out the Facebook page. ..


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  1. Hi Steve always remember corners are for turning! Good photos make sure you keep a copy of the journal. I will send you a picture from Yosemite taken on phone, see you soon Phil

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