The long and winding road. …

Seems a long time. . Since the melting days from last week…. in fact it is. ….just a week..

So what’s been happening up in the sticks you say.. well after Thursday and my excursion to hunt for grey squirrel invaders at a local red squirrel reservation. 


I hasten to add… not finding any:D
The plan is now to set up camera traps. .
I have three cameras one of which is a gsm/mms/email enabled jobby. ..
This thing takes a photo of whatever nature you intend to observe and then sends the pictures. .. great, apart from it got damp last year during a nasty storm and hasn’t been much good since:?
Don’t get me wrong, it still works but won’t send pictures. .


So Thursday night I got the bit between my teeth and tried to sort it…
Alas.. to no avail. .. the software settings have vanished from the camera and… the cd drivers are missing presumed dead.

an inordinate amount of searching on the interweb  proved fruitless _ and to my annoyance the manufacturers website has stopped working. . So no downloads. . Rollocks. .
It’s yet another small glitch in the bigger glitch that i call my life at the moment.
At least I have the beer festival to look forward to. .

This is the 4th running of the event and an ambassador from the Republic has attended each of these.

Trouble is… these three gent’s thought it would be a wheeze to walk to the festival and get a taxi back


7 sodding miles later and two hours of my life that I can’t get back.. not to mention sore feet and a hip that started to click we managed to get there. . But… the craic was good:)
Not to mention the 50p side bet of how many cars would pass during the hike..
That i won…😂


Anyway I digress. . The nice wee beer festival had around 20 different ales to try including raspberry beer and strawberry beer,  both of which sounds horrible but in essence they where delicious. . Pop that gets you tipsy. .. a nice concept. . Just look into the eyes of this lot..😯


Monday. .
Catch up on household chores. .

3 load of washing done and ironed


Two films watched at the odeon
Click on the link to watch the trailer. .


Both good … It was an early night for me after intensive 3D therapy.

Tuesday was a bit of a rattle round the house day… although my nephew came to visit uncle speedy as he has just nicknamed me


Well… he named the landrover that and I’m the driver. if the cap fits

The afternoon was spent fitting a small inverter into “speedy”  just for future road trips and also looking at fitting led daylight running lights. .. a job that I’m not doing  just yet.


Night time saw nan having more than just her usual quality time with me… This time she wanted to be close. . Maybe something to do with the trip away and the bond we formed. .. bless her, she’s lovely. .

So here we are, two more nights in the cloud factory. … staring at camera monitor and programming products


Then a weekend off …yey… kind of fancying a look up to the fringe festival at Edinburgh what do you think?


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