Back to the crap. ..

You wouldn’t believe it. .and you couldn’t make this up.

This hot spell is just the time to get onto the land and do grass cutting. ..or so you would think..
Our land up here in HQ is wet for most of the year. . Not soaking and muddy, just always holding water due to the moss content.
We did give the grass/soft rush to our neighbour for his cattle as long as we got 20 small hay bales for the sheep by way of gratitude.
That meant he was getting 100 or more for the effort, the past few years he’s not bothered and we end up cutting the grass down so the sheep can graze the shortest stems.
I usually tackle this with the quad and flail mower.


This year sees no exception so .. hot dry weather means grass cut..

The flail mower flew to bits last year and was duly repaired by welding it back together; the infirm flail was gingerly coaxed into life and carefully set about the two day task.


All seemed to be going well when suddenly I came to a stop..

Looking puzzled and rather bemused at the fact I was in gear but not going anywhere, turned the flail off and uncoupled it. Only then could I see my problem, no drive.

Now this quad was bought with a problem rear axle. .. the splines on the axle that mate with the crown wheel had worn out..14 years ago…! And it was welded solid to work.

The front axle propshaft gave up the ghost 4/5 years ago and was cut off so that we could still drive the rear.

Now my problem is this, the shaft itself has now snapped! !!


It’s all still turning but not driven on one side…no good to tow anything and will only travel on hard ground. .

So…. the upshot of this is…. I need to replace the old and we’ll used yamaha 400 kodiak because it ain’t worth fixing again. ..

Ooooh…. newsflash. . . . . My good mate Phil, a Republic follower, has been on the blower. And has offered the use of his quad to get the job done…. watch this space..