Due to an alcoholic bloom this  morning. .. I thought it best to let sleeping dog’s lie. . And slept late.. Both of us..I was woken again by a daft Collie wanting a wee. .. she has a bad habit with me that I can’t seem to be able to stop. . By that i mean she’s very touchy feely and she rakes her paws over me to wake me up..


So I’m scratched to bits..

Itinerary of the day.. Visit my mate

And have a catch up. .

I fear that the weather has turned so photos are going to be limited for today’s escapades

Stopping on route to the terminal at Sconser I was held up by a tourist ques in the Broadford co-op.
Needless to say my little bit of shopping consisting of a pasta salad for lunch and some chicken to do a stir fry later… the que didn’t offer to let me go first..grrr…
Hold up no1.
To add to now tight schedule. The convoy of foreign registrations including a tour bus held me up…double grrr. .
Anyway the upshot of that was i missed the ferry by 30 sodding seconds… tripple grrr. .

Not to worry. It runs regular and instead of coming back i could just stay..


……. oops. . What happened to the time! !! I've been up at http:/u/lifeattheendoftheroad.wordpress.com

And helped with installing the gin pole to his wind turbine


Helped take down the mast with the weather station on.



Taken a tour to put a bung in a boat
Been treated like a Lord and had a wonderful meal and wine with good craic

So… the upshot was. ..best stay on Raasay the night.


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