a change for the better..

well all you good folks out in the space they call cyber, today was the start of the getting back to my old self…

after a weekend on the grave yard shift down at the old cloud factory, with the usual keep tabs on production and where it’s stored into malarky…



I got to thinking it’s been so long since a proper post from me that you all thought i had died or something. any way my mind turned to the next round of red squirrel monitoring that will start in the spring and the fact that I’d gathered up some odds and sods to make a new type of squirrel feeder, one that can be easily cleaned and disinfected. these wooden ones are easier to make but get mouldy with all this wet weather at the moment.. they just aren’t weather proof enough..


a few months ago i picked up these heavy duty corner protectors that where about to be skipped at work. they’re used  as a bit of protection from our crop of useless FLT drivers that seem to damage the un-damageable!



they’re about 10mm thick recycled black plastic, ideal for the job i had in mind.


first task, cut a 150mm strip from the right angled upright,


this then becomes the base and back all in one piece..


then with the trusty jig saw cut a hole in the base to accommodate the mesh..


then using one of my best presents from Mrs R, the gas powered holt melt glue gun..


cut two chamfered top side walls and stick it together..


next cut a lid of oversize proportions and install using a rubber hinge at the back


cut out a perspex window that is just shy of the lid… for air flow… and stick it to the front..


next, fill with yummy squirrel titbits, i don’t recommend peanuts for our native reds… they can be harmful to them apparently.. this one has hazelnuts , black sunflower seeds, pine nuts and peanuts


attach the thing to a tree and see what turns up


the whole job took one hour and is the first of the trial feeders, hope they work!

i going to leave with this..

a cute little red taken earlier last year… by one of our volunteer members…