Well, they say that things happen in threes. .

Let’s just take you back to Last Friday,  long weekend off for me and it was going to be a good couple of days weather wise.  So on the up side, here’s the perfect opportunity to get on top of the jobs that require fair weather.

First on the list,  sweep the chimney. Now you may think this is a job that can be done from inside,  ah well not at Republic HQ.  This dear reader is done by climbing the ladder of folly followed by traversing the hen walk of doom,  culminating in a precarious teeter to sweep downward.
Method in the madness though,  this way you collect all the soot in a bag for easy dispersal. It’s also the only way I can do it, the Bosky Thermorossi wood burning range needs to be dismantled from the hot plate down in order to get the fire box and flue clean. In doing this the connector to the chimney needs cleaning as well, so it makes sense to sweep from the top into a well secured bag taped to the flue. Anyway I digress,  the job was tackled on new years eve but wasn’t a complete success,  hence the second attempt on Friday.

All went well and the partial blockage was clear. Great,  it should have been done in a one’er and as things turned out, it was the start of the downhill slope to aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrtgggggggghhhh!!!!!!!

Now I’ve been having trouble starting the land rover of late, my bumbling fixes haven’t worked and Mrs R has stood back and said “still not fixed then” to which i say “process of elimination”.

Its had fuel filters a new fuel pump and on Saturday it was the turn of the fuel pressure regulator to be changed. An absolute pig of a job,  even when you have a genuine work shop manual for reference. Needless to say, the job took all day to complete and by the time it was getting dark,  my toil and frustration had won through. A functional land rover once again.
(bear with me on this saga,  it gets better)


Just as I thought the weekend was going to be fruitful and satisfying one it all went Pete tong..
Dinner time, the dogs needed a hike and we where all set to take a longer hike than normal due to the decent spell.
“Hang on” I said, “just need a pish before we set of” ah, on flushing the loo, it didn’t fill again.  I could hear the pressure pump running but no water!
Off went Mrs R with paige and nan (our working collie) and left me to investigate. When they arrived back the pump was out, stripped and diagnosed.
Seemed we needed a new pressure pump  as the impeller on this one had seized and no amount of tinkering was going to free up the blighter.
As it was Sunday there was no way to replace the duff one until Monday, so no water for the day…. no hot bath and no whizzy flushy loo thingy,  just buckets of rain water to flush.  Luckily,  rainwater is in abundance at the moment.
(Here comes the piece de resistance)


And off we go to Newcastle, setting out at 9am in the now starting well land rover,  I travelled some thirty miles to the outskirts of the said metropolis when; splutter cough and die,  the land rover ground to a halt right on a roundabout… oh bugger me thinks, what now? After calling the AA and giving directions to the useless oik on the switch, he said it’s at least a two-hour wait for assistance. .. great!
I’m stuck on a roundabout on a mercy mission, what can I do. Well attempt to get it going again is what I needed to do and with a little persuading she started.
Good methinks to myself,  I’ll just wait for the AA man to arrive so he can plug-in his diagnostic scanner and tell me more. Hmmmmm, the gadge duly arrived in a recovery truck,  no tools and no diagnostic equipment. .. that was the end of that.

So here’s the dilemma, trust the land rover to take me on and get the much-needed pump or, be recovered to the nearest land rover dealer..
Well knowledge is the key to my next decision. .. the nearest dealer charges you to breathe inside the showroom,  simple,  trust the motor to carry on.

Hmmmmm. … a mile down the road and this time on the dual carriageway. …. splutter cough and die again. …. arghhhh. .!!!!.. parking place. …. am I going to make it or not…..few just managed to coast to a halt in th park and who should be right behind, yes you guessed,  matey boy with his recovery truck.

“Had a feeling this might happen” he said smugly.
New options on the table now, upgrade my membership for £150 (because I’m in a breakdown situation) or the subby will recover me to a garage of my choosing for the cost of the mileage.
I choose option 2 and of we go thirty miles back the way I came. Luckily for me, I’m on good terms with the independent garage and they looked at it as soon as  it was off the recovery truck.

Verdict, fuel pump had lost its high pressure side and was woeful in its delivery to the engine. Stroke of luck, “I have a pump” says I, so phones home and describes to Mrs R where to find said item. This was duly Brought down to the garage and fitted.

Hey presto, fuel pressure back to normal,  land rover tested and passed so back to the mercy mission.
By this time It was after 4pm when I eventually got to Newcastle to pick up the pump and after 5pm when I eventually got home.

Now, Monday is night shift and my starting time is 7pm,  no way I’m going to make it. So after the call I always hate to make,  Time to plumb the new kit. Would you bloody believe it,  the new pump is taller and longer making the tapping points out of reach for the original pipework. … The next frustrating three hours was spent re configuring pipes and I eventually got to work for 11:30pm.


After finishing night shift and alighting the land rover, is that diesel I smell?

Once back home,  bearing in mind the near 24 hour day that was finally culminating in bed, the thought of checking out and probably ending up with me smelling of diesel was really a non starter. That and the fact that hot water was still in short supply.


I woke to an empty house, Mrs R away doing stuff and me  having only a short spell before my next night shift.

Well methinks,  that was a crazy few day’s,  nights will be a breeze tonight.

Ohhhh no, not to be!!!!
This time,  just setting out for my easy night and; is that diesel I can smell? ???

Quick look underneath,  nowt obviously leaking so of we go, quarter of a mile down the lane I stop to check the mail box. ….. that is diesel I can smell! !! What the! Where’s half the tank full gone…… splutter,  splutter die again. This time the thing got unceremoniously dumped and I walked to a neighbour to use the phone.  Two nights in a row I’ve made the dreaded call to work and more hours missed.

Fuel pipe hadn’t been seated correctly and had come adrift under pressure. ..

Hope that’s it, well it’s not,  still got work to do on the land rover.  New springs to fit and a small water leak on the water pump that I installed on Monday. …

Wish me luck


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    • The thing is. . When you first have a land rover, they tend to get under your skin. Every one has quirky faults but ya got to love um


  1. will have to blog our vacation catastrophes Steve and you will thank yourself its just a LR – we are so lucky to be alive and not swept away in the landslides – still recovering but now back in the ice and snow here in Toronto yuk and yuk again


    • This is normal for this place, our houses in this valley all seem to suffer the disaster curse. …