2014…. a life adjustment, or something

2014 is one of those rare event years where by the new year starts with a full moon, it’s also going to be a new me. I’ve been missing from here for a while, just popping in and scribbling a few words here and there, not really getting back to my one or two posts a week.

My daily life has been a little disjointed of late, the old grey matter has been focused in a different direction, all a little cryptic for you my reader, it felt like I was the eye of Sauron…  my focus  would swing around and stare at distant doings,


mind you my gaze isn’t as strong as his, although my rage could have been..


but new year new focus..

it’s all going to come together “with a bit of luck” with the hope of something promising on the job front. January the 10th is D-day, well I say D-day, it’s more of B day for me. That’s the day I meet with the board of directors, my 18 page report into the failings of our systems and procedures has somewhat stirred them into action. It felt a little like kicking the hornet’s nest, now I wait for the stings to come.

This is one of the distractions that’s kept me from blogging, My report was presented back in October and much of the time since then has been focused on steering the upgrade to our system here in the cloud factory.

Much of my recommendations have been actioned, the last piece of this big picture is discuss manning levels and work procedures, this in time will “i hope” lead to a bump up the ladder…. I won’t hold my breath but you never can tell.

So, a bit of a catch up…

things in the republic have settled down, the new KW3 is “touch wood” working well. the 680AH battery bank has been brim full in these storms.

my system needs more dump loads setting up, the Trace4845 has 3 relays to utilize for such devices but alas mine has not been set. when it’s windy we switch on extra heaters in the house as a temporary measure. i know , not the ideal situation but it’s either that or waste the power through the dc dump attached to the turbine control box to heat the shed!!!

sadly no mole catching at the moment, seems the fields are clear(ish) down on the farm. not a bad thing really, the odd rash of velvet miners can be sorted with ease. saying that, new year dawns soon so time to get out and about..

speaking of the new year, we’re of to the Tar Barl’s for the first time

_57642054_013611408-1 new-year


really looking forward to this, some of my mates are Guisers, the blokes who carry the barrels


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