Oh dear, just checked my last sorry effort……

What can I say peeps. … my sorry ass has been missing from here for six weeks or more. Needles to say I ain’t felt much like blogging for some time. .. not really a good excuse but life has a habit of dealing you a bum hand now and again.
My optimistic outlook on life had left for a while, probably flew south with the swallows. Then in flew SAD… seasonal adjusted disorder. … you now the one,  it’s when the nights get longer, the cold and wet arrives and you just can’t be bothered.

But hey,  tis now the season to be jolly, fah lah lah lah, lah lah lah lah.

Thought I’d get into it by sharing this effort with you all

This is the Christmas tree that our IT department have cunningly decorated with the appropriate technical festive adornments. … what do you reckon to their efforts. …


Well.. Here’s to you and yours, have a nice Christmas and make sure you welcome in the new year with style. ….

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  1. It seems that all you bloggers in the far north seem to be suffering from SAD, we haven’t heard much from Paul (lifeattheendoftheroad), Ali (applecrosslife) has written about SAD, only Bill (isleofronalog) appears to bearing up. But i know how you feel I think I suffer from it as well. Just think the days will soon be getting longer.