Today’s the day. ..

Would you believe it,  after four and a bit months of what I can only describe as apathy kingspan, under threat of being billed for my generator fuel and service costs, have finally built a new turbine head to replace the white elephant that’s sitting atop this here tower wearing itself out, producing jack Sh1t.

Now don’t get me wrong,  I’m not anti kingspan,  just pished off with them for being such a non caring company when it comes to customer service. In fact I may go as far to say diabolical.

Mike our installer has been rather patient,  for it is he who is out of pocket.

The day dawned very un bright and rather breezy with Mike turning up around eight am to dismantle the turbine. It was my job as assistant to hold spanners and generally get in the way. Once all the ancillary bits and bobs had been removed it was the turn of mr David brown to help, his superior muscle power could lift the turbine head all on his own


The guys from kingspan turned up at around eleven and spent no time swapping out the old for the new


Needless to say, it wasn’t long before the turbine was back in action, an hour and a half to be precise.
We now have a functional turbine producing a healthy charge voltage. …. and it’s only been four months..

Anyway I digress, Saturday saw the return of the RAC rally to the the kielder complex. This year being the tenth anniversary of the demise of our world rally championship status. … apparently the Republic is to hard on the world class cars and drivers. .pansies!
Instead we have a classic rally where real men and women test themselves against what came to be known as “killer kielder”.

This is a Saab two stroke but other entries included volvo’s and Talbot sunbeam. .. porches, cortinas and of course ford escorts

This poor chap from Austria ended up under a tree butt plate and had to be rescued after the stage was closed. .

Saturday night was spent with a friend of mine up on Hadrians wall, sycamore gap to be precise. We had a bit of a photo shoot. My effort was posted to the Republic’s Facebook page. . And I must say it was absolutely fantastic, no photo shop touch up. The image was as pure as it comes, the fog on the north side of the wall obscured the distance and the star’s, well…. check it out for yourself and go look.

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  1. Today’s The Day …

    … the Teddy Bears have their picks nicked 🙂

    Soz, couldn’t resist.

    Agreed, cracking photo, and pleased you’re now getting volts at last.

    I see from Paul’s blog LatEotR that you’ve got a Soay flock. How do you sell them?