Getting my hands dirty….

For those of you who have read the blog page, you will know of “mr E’s cloud factory” well today is a day out of the ordinary for me,Β  for today I go back to my roots and take up the spanners alongside our maintenance department.

Today’s maintenance is on our automated storage system, the system that I helped install and I’ve been asked to provide my knowledge and over see the work.

First task, these sighting sensors determine what position our auto storage puts the stacks down in


These things cause nought but trouble. … they move by means of vibrations or get moved by well meaning operator’s. Either way they need to be fixed in the correct position, a task given to one of our apprentices. This is the take on my idea…..


Looks fine to me, if I was to pick fault they are just off the correct angles, it’ll do for testing

As the day dragged on my time for blogging was scrapped. … this damn system failed to run… all because a safety light curtain decided to chuck the gee and not power up…. although the operation lights where clearly on!!!!! So that was the end of Friday’s shenanigans. .

Saturday dawned bright and very breezy… I’d already got it in my head that the last of my pile of logs would be cut and stacked.


It’s something I’ve been meaning to tackle for the best part of two months, anyway it’s done, Just got to split the flaming things now.



That’ll keep the winter chill at bay. …

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