All quite on the western front. ..

Well not much to catch up with,  the hills and wood’s have been a tad quite of late. Saying that;  we did have some “skullkers” lurking around the area,  possibly up to no good. .. a silver or white astra sized van with two blokes in it…. They beat a hasty retreat as soon as we clocked them. Bet you get none of that up on Raasay!!

Work. … oooh nasty word… been rather busy of late.. that’s one of the reasons for my failure to keep the blog up to date..

The cloud factory is full.!!. We have precious little space to work with at the moment,  it just makes the job extremely hard to manage. .. hey ho,

Actually things are about to change for me.. I’m doing normal working hours for a month,  that’s going to be a killer. I hate the 9 to 5 routine, in fact it will hit me in the pocket. Thinking about it,  this will cause me to travel an extra four journeys… that’s an extra four gallon of diesel at extortionate prices. … hmmm

Anyway it’s not all doom and gloom here,  the newest member of my team, , Jamie, is a happy chap and always full of smiley faces. ..


His daftness makes me smile.

On another note,  I found this on my phone.  It’s a great shot of HareShaw linn from the other day. . The colour was just like the photo


Scribble more soon…. TTFN

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  1. Quietly interesting 🙂

    In my ignorance, I’ve not heard of Hareshaw Linn 😦 . My bad (I used to like Buffy 🙂 .) Looks great.