Rough terrain and hot work. .

Have you ever wondered why you never see anyone using old implements?


Well, it’s like this. …. .
They did the job back when there was nothing better. .. .

I have an old international harvester finger bar reaper,
The thing was gifted to me years ago.
It’s seen some action in its time and is, by the true definition, f####d. The thing should have been scrapped two years ago,Β  but no!Β  I have this make do and mend mentality that I should really stop.

My couple of days off had me trying to cut thistles with this pile of scrap.


It took an hour just to get the thing on to Davy.

I do recall making a repair before parking it in the field

But that didn’t last long on this terrain

Once around and it died…….

It has a cast iron block that the belt pulley and its adjustment sits in, well that smashed two years ago and no amount of welding or brackets is going to fix it. So off to the big recycling pile it goes.

Another job these days off, tackle some of my new log heap..
Myself and my neighbour have gone half’s on an articulated lorry load of hardwood. Roughly fourteen ton each, consisting of silver birch, sycamore, beech and ash.

This batch seems nice and dry

I hope to have the lot cut and stacked well before the bad weather sets in, mind you, the splitting lark will have to wait. I’m going to invest in a log splitter this time around. . My poor old back just isn’t up to the task these days.


The big day, battlesteads beer festival… what a cracking day, got a lift to “town” after setting of to walk with my neighbour and good friend Phil. Would you believe it, we ended up being first in at midday and managed to last until midnight, just as well we had a taxi back.
Our happy crew of five couples had a blast. …just what the doctor ordered.


Mrs R has joined a photography group, well we both have if truth be known. The good camera was a present from me to well, me! It was what I wanted for Christmas three years ago and managed buy last year, ha ha, the things been commandeered, so bang goes the “getting back into it” idea. I don’t mind one little bit. .. she takes a good photo and has taken to it like a duck to water.
This is one of her trying to get a depth of field shot along a log pile in the woods


Been a busy few days up here, the FC has been mending the roads, that’s the forestry roads, not the tarmac ones. No they just wreck those by having hundreds of eight wheel tippers making deliveries of hardcore.
These next couple of shots show you the deterioration of the road over three days. …..




that’s not my foot !!!


They won’t repair them either. .

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