An odd, neih topsy turvy week..

Strange world we live in! !
This dead battery malarkey that my good friend and neighbour Phil has been having has come to a resolution.
The usually trusted and well proved trojan L16H batteries have even got trojan’s technical expertise well and truly stumped. .
Myself with support from Mike at sent the four duffers away for testing, the results coming back as what was diagnosed on site, four dead cells!!!


Don’t look at the leads, I know they’re wrong! This was one of the jobs I was asked to do by the so called technical guru’s. eejits couldn’t find their own noses with their fingers.
This scribbled diagram is how it’s supposed to be wired


Anyway, the guy from trojan got very obnoxious via email and the UK importers just relented and supplied four replacement units.
This all came together on Wednesday when the generator complete with it’s newly fitted diodes arrived back from The thing was fitted toot sweet along with a filter change and a service.
No sooner than the engine was turned off and we had packed up, the new trojan’s arrived via pallet line.
So out came the tools and in went the new batteries.

All seems well “touch wood” the new set just needs to settle in. ..

Thursday/Friday and a refresher course in first aid. This being a peach of a week I decided to dodge the traffic into Newcastle by taking the Ducati 996.. big mistake!!!! First days activity dispensed with and of home we go.. only to get two miles from the town and….. cough. …. splutter. … die, that’s the bike not me.

Under the battery in the photo is the regulator, the feckin thing decided to pack in and totally drain all life from the battery. As a consequence, when the revs dropped the engine died without any chance of restarting. It wasn’t all bad, while waiting for the AA three swedish masseurs stopped while on a hiking holiday and gave me a full massage while I was stuck on the side of the road…. … NOT!!!!.. oh well another time maybe!!!
So here I am, having had my shifts swapped from nights to days, being asked to provide two forklift trucks to lift a galvanised thing so that it can be transported around site by a trailer on Monday. ..


Straight lift and reverse the wagon underneath,, easy. ..

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