A technical few days. .

That, in a nutshell sum’s up my week. .
Apart from a blow to my noggin from a metal bar. .


Looks worse than it was.  Even got a black eye for my stupidity.
The thing was, on setting up a lift with my trusted old David brown 990, the metal bar I was going to use wasn’t properly in place. . Hence it dislodged and hit my noggin. Oooops.
Enough of that,  here’s what I was lifting. .


This generator,  having sat behind my neighbour’s house for some time was up for a reposition.
The fact that some extra kit was being installed in the form of solar panels and an additional controller was, in any sane person’s mind, , right time to get it all wired by a pro.


Thats the gadge taking the wires out from position A in readiness to reinstall them to position B.
HMMM…BEST LAID PLANS, , all that. .
The pro got himself a Flash from the electrics,  when I say him I mean he arked the generator out and blew some internal components,  leaving no backup generator.


This, coupled with the batteries having a fault, the whole plan went belly up!!!

The solar panels on the other hand went in without a hitch. .
They have been mounted on specially designed plastic tubs and set up on a gravel bed. The tubs are also half filled with gravel to weight them down.

The whole system is neat and tidy



Meanwhile inside…

The system is being set up. ….
This sunny island and sunny boy solar set up is just the dogs dangles, if the sun is shining and a load is on in the house, the inverter diverts the power or splits it to either run whatever is on in the house and or charge the batteries. Nice piece of kit..
And nowt to stop anyone on grid having the same set up..

The batteries on the other hand, well eighteen months old and four duff cells. .
The specific gravity showing zero..
While the cell next to it having a full charge.
Highly unusual for these trojan l16h jobbies. .. one warranty claim going in..
As for the generator, well! No serial number so what a job finding parts.
The little diodes in the picture are the suspected fault

And no one has the bits to fix it. ..
Even F g Wilson the manufacturer!!!
In between all this malarkey Me And Mrs R took some time out to go and set up more red squirrel monitoring cameras. While looking for suitable site’s we came across this. ..
Has anyone got any ideas what this is? It’s got me beat. ..

Well that’ll do for this week. Keep looking in to the Republic to find out what the strange nest box thingy is….

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