Busy Busy Busy

What a week, Monday, it all kicked off with the cutting the turf ceremony, well not so much a ceremony, more of a spilt cup of coffee on the ground where the new turbine base was to sit.


that very important ceremony of all new builds out the way and it was time to break turf…


it wasn’t long before the hole was to depth and at the correct dimensions for the base plate to be installed. another hole was dug to accommodate the winch point, some eight meters away and in line with the tower base.


Fairley deep!!! could have buried a quad bike in there no bother..




the day of the “setting out”  by way of sitting the base plate in position and making sure the whole thing was plumb..

this we managed by some clever thinking on my part…

using cut pieces of scaffold pole, the long threaded rods of the base plate got positioned on top. these in turn where driven down into the clay like piles. the whole thing was levelled to near perfect ready for the final stage.


not forgetting digging the trench and laying the cable  then back filling.


after my guru Jimmy  from Britten construction had gone home for the evening, i had a go at a few jobs on my access lane. the verges had grown that tall, there was nowhere for water to run off. a bad thing when it’s just a hogging track, the rain and especially thunder rain washes the track away. so for half a mile the digger was pressed into service late into the night, cutting run offs.



accompanied by millions of the dreaded midge.. good job the cab door was shut!!!!



the day of the pour, first task was to make sure all was level and the cable sat squarely in the centre of the base plate, shutter up the edges that are down slope, then tie the corners to stop lateral movement


the concrete landed at 11.30 and the casting begun,,




with one or two last minute adjustments the concrete was left to set..



nothing to do but head of on the Ducati for a midsummer run to the Isle of Skye with my brother who is also my best friend. we ended up here at the Stein Inn for the night. good craic and most excellent food, then a reward of watching an otter forage for food right in front of the pub, “purely belter”


just down at the jetty and out of the water receiving attention  was Elena C


back home, the conservation work kicked off in  Wark forest by setting up feeder station and camera..


the camera is a bit of a special, it emails the photos it catches straight to my phone or computer, so watch out any one who decides to try and pinch it, they will be caught..

that’s it for this week