They’re up! !

This week has been rather filled with half jobs.  Or should I say preparation for bigger jobs. . But first an enjoyable trip to what was a quiet metro centre where I assisted Mrs R in treating herself.  My new slimmer version Mrs R required some jeans and other bits and pieces,  so the purse strings got loosened and the jeans tighter! !!  She’s so chuffed to be a size ten.

Anyway, that’s Wednesday accounted for, apart from a trip down to the farm to check for moles.

It’s been a couple of months since the last mole trap was lifted and I’m glad to say, so far it looks all clear in the hay fields.

What a difference from two month ago.


From this…


To this..

Thursday;  and a touch of conservation work,  Mrs R meeting with the forestry commission ranger to decide where to start with red squirrel monitoring, me of to see farmers up and down the valley to gain access for more monitoring sites, with much success I hasten to add.

That means more data for the science boffins to collate.

After that, another trip to the farm to inspect yet more fields for the velvet jacket miners.
The old farmstead looking as ruined as usual, but with more greenery!



Ah but you’re wondering what’s meant by the title of this post. ..
Well, this is a sight that’s been long overdue. .


There up! !


And working,  although they had a small problem at first. The system is over seen via a gsm link by a guy in Ireland called Quentin. apparently  When they commission these it’s 50/50 which way they rotate and if the turbine is facing the wrong way the can get a rotation error that automatically puts the brakes on. Well you guessed it,  four rotations and stop!!

In other news, my base construction is going to take place next week, with a bit luck! !
Prep for that is done.

And,, after a second batch of the Republic stickers arrived they have been selling like hot cakes. All profits are going to the red squirrel conservation projects I’m involved with. .
Here’s one i prepared earlier! !


Window sticker anyone?

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    • lots of history around here, just google roman wall airial images to see the lay of the land..