Ooo… not good!

well here we go, I’m going to try and pen this catch up without really remembering what has happened in the last four days. If it seems a bit dis jointed then my apologies.

the two shifts at the cloud factory passed off without much  to tell you, needless to say my interest in work had somewhat waned since the trip up norf. nothing had changed with the place other than the construction projects had progressed a little and the stock has fallen a touch. great for my first days back as the pressure was off.

Friday had us in a meeting with our MP to air a few points regarding living off grid, winter road care and road maintenance in general but the the biggest issue for us here is the dangerous fords that stop any activity dead. these things are not now fit for purpose and need to be addressed by the powers that be, me thinks if it where up to him alone they would be blown up and re installed.

he is going to get us together with the council, national parks forestry commission and environment agency to see what can be done, great step forward for the residents of this valley.

after all that, i had time (just) to go and do some fire warden training that involved letting off fire extinguishers, on real flames, (more about real flames later)

Saturday came with some proper hot but breezy weather up here on the hill with some big blue sky


and a view that is opening up more and more.

the clear fell site to our west is getting bigger.


other jobs included, lamb proof a fence

and check the water gates over our burn


later the auction finished for this Husqvarna 250r brush cutter



my idea behind getting this for £40 quid  was to make two from one, seeing as mine had self destructed at the end of last season.

in his blurb he thinks it’s a fuel problem. ah but sadly no, the problem is much deeper, it runs with a new carb kit fitted but i fear she needs base gaskets and possibly rings and piston. not to worry though, i will make it work…

Sunday saw me doing the mechanical bit

and trying without much success to breath life back into at least one of my four strimmers. i have two identical  Mchulloch jobbies and as of yesterday two big Husqvarna professional jobs. luckily one of the Mc’s decided to play ball and we managed to get the edges of the garden strimmed.

later on, Drink and craic at very nice Sunday dinner and vino collapse’o rounded of a rather pleasant day of tinkering.

Bank holiday Monday and woke to find the cloud factory has been up in smoke and was all over the news and facebook… bloody hell hope no one is hurt was my first reaction followed by dis belief, but no it was correct


Last updated at 07:14, Monday, 27 May 2013

FIRE crews set up a 200-metre cordon around the Egger factory at Hexham after a fire broke out on Sunday night.


The blaze at Egger’s Hexham plant, just off the A69 on Anick Grange Road, started at around 10.30pm and huge plumes of smoke were seen rising from the site.
Up to 60 fire fighters were drafted in to tackle the blaze at the factory which employs around 500 people and makes wood products including chipboard and MDF.
Crews from both Northumberland and Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Services remained on scene until the early hours of Bank Holiday Monday while traffic was diverted away from the area.
It is understood staff were evacuated from the factory and there have been no reports of injuries.

An investigation is under way to detect the exact cause of the fire. This is the first serious fire at Egger for several years

a truly spectacular looking blaze but by all accounts not that devastating. the biomass energy plant heats thermal oil to heat all other processes. this stuff is under pressure and by what i hear. (and this is only gossip) a hole had appeared in the pipe causing the oil to ignite, hence the spectacular flames. mind you this is under official investigation, so don’t take this as gospel..

So last night the place was shut down and is expecting to be up and running on Wednesday, me well, i felt an impromptu  holiday coming on for tonight…


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    • every thing worked as it was designed to. and all personel evacuated safely. then went home for the night