The struggle. .

Two weeks away from the cloud factory and I’m struggling to raise any enthusiasm to get back into the groove.
My mind is focused on the way forward with my project(s) at home,  the foundations for the new wind turbine need to be started  ASAP.  BUT in the mean time the old whisper H80 has been dismantled. .


With a bit of planning this weekend the 360 digger will be here, only then can the real fun begin.

My other irons in the fire are,  source the steel to build an implement shed,  source some telegraph poles to make a dry raised stand to receive the next batch of firewood. Plus many more not so bigg jobs.
In fact I have an opportunity to get the frame and steel sheets from a building that’s being demolished at the cloud factory.  Trouble is, the time frame is tight and transport could be an issue.
Anyway,  just thought I would post my comments coz it’s been a week. ..

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