what a cracking day…

i can’t believe the wildlife we have seen today… two Peregrine falcons, one of which raced the landrover and beat us at 60mph. it flew in front on a straight bit of road then out paced us before diving off to the right and down the fell.

and the same happened on the journey back to the digs at http://www.redhousedornie.co.uk/

the other stuff we have seen are 3 otters spotted while on a visit to Glenelg  http://web.undiscoveredscotland.com/skye/glenelgferry/


the images are a little sketchy but see for yourself.. it was a good job the 300mm lens was on the camera, still could have done with a bigger zoom lens


things up here are so much more advanced up here aswell


also checked out http://www.eileandonancastle.com/ and took some fine images


and saw a ghost….


more to come soon…

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