Look… Street lights… What’s the world coming to!!

Here i am, up norf, would you believe they have street lights!!!


While the republic is on an exchange visit…. Well …. Not strictly speaking “exchange” more of a, oh hello, get the kettle on, tea or coffee??? Visit, we find these street light things a bit of a novelty… although, the republic was once owned by a couple from Manchester who had the whole place festooned with horrible sodium lights. when it was all lit up the place was a home from home for them and an absolute blot on the landscape for the locals.

that all changed when we moved in twelve-year ago, down came the lights apart from one (and that’s very rarely on) so from then on we have our own dark skies park.. anyway I’m getting off track…

lets start with Friday, and a call from Mick Young, Mick is an RFD (that’s registered firearms dealer) who makes and fits moderators. “Your rifle’s ready” so an evening dash to collect the big gun with a newly fitted stainless steel moderator. what a cracking job to…


totally hand-made and it works to.

Saturday saw us getting ready for the road and our trip “norf”


but first a quick shot of progress on the clear fell site to the west of us, the view is opening up and will be much enhanced by the time we get back


Sunday saw us making a dash to the ferry at Sconsor http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikedorey/5146178834/( this cracking photo lifted from flickr)

this will be identifiable to those who read http://lifeattheendoftheroad.wordpress.com

the new waiting room for the ferry crossing to Raasay looking good,,


with the good ship MV loch Striven just about to land its passengers


as you may have guessed I’m off to see Paul seeing as we are stopping in http://www.redhousedornie.co.uk/

with lots of family, I thought it only fair to go up to the end of the road for a cuppa and a bit craic.

with Raasay looming out of the mist,


it wasn’t long before we spotted some blog landmarks like Brochel castle


and some natives that where pretty restless



after coffee, we all headed up the Torran track to help with a “disaster”


lucky we landed with the extra pairs of hands..

back at home, our holiday makers are coping well with the lambs etc



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