The Dilemma..

hmmm… time is fast approaching for the long awaited break and a trip norf Thumbs up trouble is, PET LAMBS,,,Thumbs down I know they’re so cute but OMG what a bind they are.

Mr’s R is the shepherdess and is doing a wonderful job of rearing these  two Soay Lambs..


SO CUTEPointing up

luckily our neighbours are going to look after the republic  and its subjects, they are even going to stay and have a holiday themselves.. great news for us but, on the other hand Mr’s R is still wavering as to whether she goes or stays. Thumbs down

Me, I’m saying now’t, I know for a fact that should I cajole her into going and something happens to the hens or sheep or whatever then it WILL be my fault Annoyed


If push comes to shove and i go on my own then i think the Ducati may get an airing


Pointing up this beast is 996cc and is rapid, the battery is charged, MOT done, new tyres fitted and will be taxed by Friday, in fact lets hope for a better summer this year I managed 400 mile from its last MOT in 2011Sad smile


In other news, today is the first sign of things happening with our replacement wind turbine, because today sees Mike from arrive with the foundation kit for the new CU tower base Thumbs up

Mike has been the man to see about all things renewable in this area for years.

the turbine is a and is a replacement for our old Whisper H80 that was trashed in the strong winds back in February.


a good engineer may get that back up and running should any one fancy a challenge Fingers crossed

ahh,, here he is, excuse me for one moment while i take delivery……

and here it is, all tucked up on a pallet.





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  1. That is an amazing bike….It looks like fun!! Even better are your lambs, oh god they are cute. I’d take them off your hands. Look at those faces.