It’s not like me to get stressed but the cloud factory is starting to really stress me. This thing i’ve been banging on about over a couple of posts, the fact we can’t fit a pint into a half pint pot is now starting to get to me. Actually come to sit down and think about this, it may well be the others around me who are stressed and bickering with their colleagues that’s causing my stress level to rise. I’m not a one for conflict, lets face it who is?
I try my hardest not to argue with anybody (at least face to face, toe to toe as it where) but some folks in this world are so set in their ways and won’t see the bigger picture. Not that there’s been any blinding arguments at work, there hasn’t.
Anyone in logistics will tell you, to run a warehouse effectively you must use the percentages game… The maximum capacity for any storage is 80% this gives 20% working space for all things rotating.

Here at the cloud factory


That 20% has been slashed to 4/5%
This somehow is mine and my back to backs faults… I don’t think so!!!

and the biggest effects this is having is stress levels followed by damage. Of course it all has a knock on effect. Firstly, with so much product, stock rotation is virtually non existent. I equate this to those picture puzzle games where you have one vacant square to move a piece into and the aim of the game is arrange the squares re-form the picture

Except my world is 3D.

This means nothing is to hand to load out the door, up goes the stress levels for the operatives and the lorry drivers. Up goes the waiting times, up goes the damage through excessive movements of product, up go customer complaints, up go returns so down comes space again, up goes lost product because it wasn’t back in exactly the same place, up goes product not fitting in because of misplaced items, the list goes on and the stress levels get ever higher for all.
The upshot of this is, I NEED A HOLIDAY!!!
And that’s just what I’m going to do, a two-week break coming up, can’t wait.
The Ducati has new boots..


From round and black..


All it needs is MOT and tax, then it’s de-stress time.

All vermin control jobs are on hold, no to and fro at the farm


This ones for sale actually..


you will find it on the second page 395 thousand, Craigshield, ne483ed

in other news, the two lambs are still alive.. Mrs R is up early to bottle feed



the visitors to the bird feeder are coming back.. these siskins turned up last week and this morning i heard the cuckoo for the first time this year


also, this.. the    grass hopper warbler making it’s presence known.


These little signs of warmer weather are raising my spirits and de-stressing me already.

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  1. my job is equally stressful Steve [ not ! ] sometimes I have to deal with customers !! not often it has to be said , envious that you already have heard Grasshopper warbler and cuckoo !! no sign of our breeding Sedge warblers yet and Swallows only passing through


  2. Fabulous pictures Steve and hope the lambs keep growing – love the picture of the dog with the lambs! Hot weather with us (24) so no complaints