Visitors from Fiji…

I’m humbled…. yes you heard me.. humbled. Today has been a whirlwind of a day, so much so, I forgot my phone, hence no photos in this post. In fact, the only snaps to be taken happened yesterday and that was for different post idea all together.
No today started with an organised jaunt to retrieve the camera trap from the red squirrel monitoring site. Thing is, it was retrieved yesterday and the images from it revealed a true invasion.. So yesterday, two traps had been set. This morning turned out to be a check traps and reset after catching an invader.
But first came a call from my Mam… Not a nice call… for it was the call that all pet owners dread.. as today on this beautiful St George’s day. my parents faithful waif and stray who found its way to my parents door to find love and affection for eighteen years, has moved to that warm hearth in the sky. God rest her soul, sandy the cat…
I know this sounds heartless but.. As my plan today included a trip to Hexham, the detour to the vet was no problem. The problem is the fact that you have to book an appointment for such things…Β  it’s a bit “!?%#&&/*, that’s the way of things these days and they sure charge….
I would have dropped things to do this anyway, i know, i know, this sounds so un caring but that’s not so..
I do care…
So apart from the dastardly deed,Β  the Duke has new boots, (more to follow later) my rifle is finally getting a silencer fitted, the cheque for the turbine is in the bank and another three invaders have been stopped at the border checkpoint.
All this and three visitors from Fiji have graced me with a glance at this humble wee blog..
I salute that paradise nation and pray they send the sun to shine down onΒ  here for a while. Welcome who ever you are..

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