At last…

Things seem to be on the up, the weather has warmed a little, the wind dropped and there’s a bright object in the sky the likes of which has not been seen in these parts for many a long day!!!
This means we’re in the thick of lambing at the moment, well what I really should say is, Mrs R is in the thick of lambing. Me, well, lambing and shift work are not good bed fellows, the need for a person to be on hand is kind of important.
Well actually, we rear Soay sheep, a very old native breed that’s as hard as old nails. They generally have no complications during lambing and the lambs are up and away within an hour of birth

I end up just doing the usual, trapping moles and grey squirrels or fixing vehicles, lawnmowers, generators, cutting and splitting logs then stacking them, plus a host of other stuff.
The next jobs on the list are, landrover stabilizer link rods (x4) also there’s a small matter of two tyres for the Ducati along with an MOT, then both need a service and a good wash. Oh, not to mention replace a duff double glazing unit and fit a thresh seal to the offshot. Check and alter guttering and clean and paint the utility room…, phew!

Then after that… We have a small matter of replacing the wind turbine… And building a farm shed. Seems like we have a busy summer ahead of us.

Anyway, getting back to the latest news from this here republic.. The feeder at the monitoring site needed checking. After the top up of food, I decided to check the camera. Well!!! 1,947 IMAGES!!! No way was that lot going to be checked on site, I made do with scrolling back through about twenty or more only to find out one visitor was a grey… DAMN!! That means extra work to try to apprehend the little so and so.

Back up top the shiny thing in the sky had me lathered, paige and myself took to a well placed rock in the middle of a field and listened to the skylark’s..




 Back home the sheep had the same idea…
This is our only black face with her lamb…
The rest are our soay sheep…












Well.. Till next time TTFN


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  1. Aww those lambs are so cute! i love Springtime – mind you never see anything like that here – the coyotes would have a feast every night! Been freezing here today (23 degrees on Thursday then rapid drop in temperature and snow flurries today) sick of it now – its as bad as the UK ha ha