Gawd struth..

What a blow… That pesky wind plays havoc with my hair…well it would if I had any!!! The wind up here in the hills has seen me nearly knocked of my feet today. I’ve been narrowly missed by a “hen walk” (for those who don’t now what that is, it’s a roof  ladder that goes on the slates to gain access and effect repairs)
It was blown of the shed roof and missed me by an inch… That could have hurt!! Anyway

Where to start? It seem ages since my last effort, that wasn’t much of one either.
Lets go back to Sunday where a nice spell of weather had me out doing my conservation work, this time of year is when we put squirrel feeders up in key areas. The feeders are monitored by cameras to see what’s coming and doing lunch…


Not that lunch is that impressive, some black sunflower seeds and maize…


But still, the squirrels seem to like the mix and pure hazelnuts are just way to expensive..

Back up top, my trusty sidekick was showing a bit of lameness, i think she must have stood on a thorn. We took a little time out to listen to the skylark’s and snipe in their attempts to attract a mate.
In spring, snipe perform spectacular displays high in the sky. Each male, following a circular route, makes a series of power dives during which the outermost tail-feathers are held out almost at right-angles to the bird’s body. Feather vibration in the slipstream produces the remarkable throbbing known as ‘drumming’.Drumming takes place throughout the breeding season.
You can hear them both on this sound track..


Ahh the sounds of these Northumberland hills, love it..

Oh, you remember that twenty-five ton of firewood..


Well.. It’s gone!!!


And been converted into this…


So me thinks it’s about time I got another twenty-five

quick update… the first swallow arrived today…hooray..

Red squirrel conservation

The Northumbrian
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