Grey grey grey..

That’s the weather, not my mood..
In fact my mood is rather up beat. More of that later.
What a truly grey day, most of it spent in my pit recuperating from night shift. Yet this afternoon was used to go pay bills, organise spare parts and order more republic car badges. On our journey out-of-town, you could almost believe the aptly named(by me) cloud factory was on overtime, just look at the amount of greyness blocking the sunshine.

In other news

Last friday after much emailing and assistance from two parties, the insurance company said they would honour the storm damage claim and could i re submit the quotes for a replacement turbine. This was duly done and as of tonight, it’s official, i can now start to sort out a replacement for damaged turbine

It’s not such a grey day after all..

Red squirrel conservation

The Northumbrian
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