ahh facebook…

since my last effort on here, thing have moved on a little regarding the old FB followers. my other self introduced a Facebook page for those who follow the FB trend and i have to say, since uploading a couple of my nice photos to the page the following has quadrupled in 4 days.

i am amazed at the speed an interesting image can be relayed to over four and a half thousand folk, it’s truly awesome.

not much has been happening up in the republic of late, needless to say that a spell at the cloud factory interrupted the all to short spell off, between this and the last post.

but i did manage to snap this on an early morning start..


looks bleak doesn’t it, but i can assure you that is steam and not pollution. the steam cloud is epic on a cold morning, can you imagine how much energy goes into drying those wood chips..

in other news, lambing is well under way at the farm, this little bundle of joy just being born as i did my mole trapping rounds..


ahh bless, me thinks this was eventually twins..

the rest of the girls just wanted to follow me around, only because i had a rustling sack over my shoulder, feed me, feed me was the cry..




tell you what though, my car sticker idea is gaining momentum, so i have had a thought, if i sell more then a small profit can be added to the margin in aid of the local volunteer group and there efforts to protect the native red squirrel in this area. going to do a costing to see what’s what.

Red squirrel conservation

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  1. The car sticker idea is brilliant. Do it. In the same vain as Wayne’s World; “if you sell them, they will buy them.”


    • Hi Holly, the little lamb is doing fine, still way to cold for the time of year though. Being born into this is a bit of a shock to the system for the wee things.
      We actualy haven’t started lambing here, ours are usually end of April. that little one is our neighbours lamb


  2. You could incorporate the Red Squirrel group ‘logo’ on the Northumberland sticker. Send out the message ??