My faith restored

It’s 4pm on a Friday afternoon… The sun is out but that damn cold north wind has taken what little heat there was and blown it down to the south of France!!!
Since my false alarm and subsequent imprisonment in the asylum that is the general hospital, my mind has been focused on how time flies


Tempus fugit is a Latin expression meaning “time flees”, more commonly translated as “time flies”. It is frequently used as an inscription on clocks. The expression was first recorded in the poem Georgics written by Roman poet Virgil: Sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile tempus, singula dum capti circumvectamur amore, which means, “But meanwhile it flees: time flees irretrievably, while we wander around, prisoners of our love of detail.”

It’s the fact that age creeps up on you and before you utter the words “old git” you find you’re one in the youth of todays eye’s.

I don’t feel as if I should be drawing a pension but my body is telling me your not as young as your mind thinks you are.

I mean, I still ride a Ducati 996 faster than someone half my age and that alone makes me feel 25. But then after the adrenaline rush it’s back down to earth with a bump

Any hoo… Just because the quack said “take it easy”, doesn’t mean the jobs around this we republic have to stop. I mean, where would the logs for the fire come from…. “The log fairie” I don’t think so, mind you…… I do, i do, i do believe in fairies…. Nah it hasn’t worked.. This would be my doing’s then.. (wednesday) takeing it easy!!!


Aha.. At last a ray of hope
My insurance company has phoned and….. Result,, although only a phone conversation at present.. They have had a reconsider and….. My storm damaged wind turbine is going to be renewed… Happy days.

This news has brightened my day considerably and restored a bit of trust in the insurance industry.
Just feckin watch,, no sooner than this goes to post, then the whole thing will fall flat..

Red squirrel conservation

The Northumbrian
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  1. Hope it warms up soon Steve and at least the insurance came through for you – I hate the mention of insurance – been off work this week after the surgery and first thing Monday ‘ring, ring – oh hello just calling to ask when you are returning to work! 3 years ago had to have my rotator cuff rebuilt and the girl from the insurance told me to sell my standard car and buy an automatic so I could get back to work (this was 2 days after surgery and I could not do anything – so called head office and had her removed from my case – no wonder so many people try to defraud them. idiots.
    Hoping to drag Mr R to the movies this weekend to see Olympus has Fallen – talking of pension we get the Seniors rate now ha ha ha ha – there are some benefits to getting old. On a different note like you Richard is still riding his bike and making the young ones sit up and take notice – he sold his Ducati and now has a BMW RR 1000 SR (he works for BMW) so once the salt is washed off the road will be oot n aboot but does a lot of track racing – cops are everywhere here!