Bit of a shock..

Well…. Where do i start…
There I was, night shift, just doing what I normally do. The space has to be organised for new production to be stored in a kinda orderly manner, when a pain came across my chest.
Now let me describe what the lead up to this is, for around three weeks i have had a slight pain on the left side of my chest that comes and goes very infrequently,Β  and I mean on a scale of one to ten I give it a one. It hasn’t been a hinder to any activities or physical work, the doctor “was” in my mind and a visit was being pondered and mused over.
Now, the thing is, even Mr’s R wasn’t aware about this as it wasn’t really note worthy in my mind.

So when this occurred at ten last night then again at around three, my work mates said “why don’t you go up to A&E they will check you out”. So after much deliberation and thinking i was a fraud for taking up valuable time for needier cases, the reluctant decision was taken.
So here I sit hooked up to this


Having had blood tests,Β  x-rays, ECG trace, blood pressure and diabetes check with an aspirin thrown in for good measure. On top of that I have been admitted to ward two for more prodding and poking. I still feel a fraud but because the words “chest pain” was uttered, that’s me here untill they give me the all clear.

At least they gave me breakfast…


Two rounds of toast and coffee..
What has concerned me is… They booked me in for an evening meal… Not happy about that!!!…

Nevermind,Β  ah yes, a thought entered my noggin about these Republic bumper stickers… PayPal can be used to purchase one, send me a request via the comments box and I can mail back for a postage address. Once funds clear through pay pal I can confirm and send them out. Be warned, there are only ten up for grabs at the moment, oops sorry! nine, my mother purloined one on Monday..
Ah, here come my jailers so catch you all later…(posted without a proof read so don’t pull me up for typo’s)

Red squirrel conservation

The Northumbrian
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    • Cheers Holly, I’m fine, they just need to be sure about chest pain… I think i have pulled a muscle but you know what doctors are like. Toast and marmalade the staple breakfast of an englishman


  1. Oh goodness – hope things go alright for you and ou get the all clear – Yes please for a sticker – hope Paypal works from here! If not then I can send a cheque or credit card to you – have spent the night in Emerg myself (had surgery last Thursday) mind they didn’t offer me toast!!